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Why Island Grills?

The birth of an idea.  For over sixteen years, combined experience, we have been building high-end kitchens for people who could afford the very best. When we told friends about these projects, we heard the same thing over and over, "I would love to have an outdoor kitchen, but I can't afford one".   We wanted our friends to have the same wonderful feeling of entertaining in their own backyards with luxury kitchens, but at a price they could afford.   There had to be a way to create the identical exceptional quality and customer service.  And Island Grills was born.  

Here's THE why:

We don't have a sales force.  You work directly with the owner through the entire process.  No pressure, no outrageous promises.  

We build your kitchen.  No sub-contracting.  Each Island is hand-crafted.  We control the quality and workmanship.  And we never scrimp on quality components.

We keep our overhead low.  Less expenses for us means more savings for you.  You buy "Factory Direct".

Shorter lead time.  We build your kitchen faster, deliver it sooner, and you are entertaining right away.  No one else can beat us.

We care.  Our product is our pride.  If you're not happy, we're not happy.  And we will work until you are.  That's why most of our business is referral.

Quality is key.  Drawing on years of experience we designed several islands, focusing on what the most satisfied customers had wanted.  Then we made a commitment to quality... by using the finest materials we were already using, proven to stand up to the harsh Florida weather.  All our islands are framed with double-hot dipped galvanized steel and the components are 304 grade stainless.  You will not be replacing these islands any time soon.  The grills we use are Blaze 3-burners that carry the BLAZE lifetime warranty.  Again, we weren't going to skimp on quality.  Excellence is our goal.

Keeping it simple.  We've designed our kitchens with fan-favorite features to eliminate the need for intense and confusing detailed drawings, weeks of waiting for builders, then electricians, then plumbers to trample through your yard, the permits, the excavations and all the headaches that come with the custom-designed kitchens.  We keep the price down by offering a selection of islands designed to meet all your needs.  We deliver the completed unit to your location, and you are entertaining friends in just a few hours.  It is just that simple.

Have it your way.  All our islands come in neutral colors that will blend in with any outdoor motif.  But if you want to modify them slightly you can.  You can put stone or brick tile on the sides, or paint them to match your house, your car or your dog.  Tell us what you want and we can deliver it that way.  We also offer a selection of options should you want to replace one item with something else.  However, any time a product is customized, the price is affected.

Built locally with Veteran pride.  Whether you are active duty or have a DD214, we support you with a military discount.

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